On August 5,2015 I published a blog-essay with the above title in the blog chain “Quinn’s Commentaries on Insurance Law.”

It pertains to a case the reported decision of which contains a very interesting discussion of a couple of insurance matters and a lot about the law of personal property, e.g., when the legal rule “Finders, Keepers” applies. 

It is not about lawyering so I haven’t put it here, but it is not hard to find. Under the circumstances and the nature of cyber metaphysics, however, once you have found it and read it in detail, you can’t keep it.  

I suppose fairness requires that I disclose to those who are weighing seeking the real blog essay, that there is no discussion there of the phrase often attached to “Finders, Keepers,” in non legal contexts, namely “Losers, Weepers,” and what it might have to do with legal traditions, if anything. 

This essay was slightly revised on August 6, 2015. This essay is followed by “Lusitania: Bemis and the Minister,” 10/20/15.

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