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Depositions and the “Uniqueness Answer”

It is not unusual in coverage litigation for the attorney for the insured to ask a question something like this: Q. Does this policy cover losses of the following sort [fill in the blank]?A. It can't be answered.  Every claim is unique. Or this one: Q. This is a...

An Elementary Discussion: Definitions and Endorsements in Contracts of Insurance

The What & The Where This post will discuss the role of definitions in insurance policies in abstracto first. I confess, however: there are a few practical points here and there. The definitions to be found in all contracts of insurance are at least as important...

My Learning What Was New to Me

(1) In the 18th Century, at least some lawyers, in somewhat "small town" areas of England, were insurance adjusters as well as agents. They were not called adjusters; they were called "surveyors." (Of course, that word applies to others performing different...


The following is an older-ish AIG cyber-world contract of insurance, that is, a cyber-space insurance policy.  Remember, given the speed of the commercial growth of the cyberworld, something can be old when it is a mere 15 years old. This policy may...

Cyber Insurance and CGL Packages–Part II

This series of blog-essays contain an introduction to the Comprehensive General Liability policy used in the "real-world," along with a type of liability insurance for the "cyber-" or "virtual world." The latter is attached as an endorsement to the former.  This can...

Cyber Insurance Policy–Sample #2

A Chubb Insurance Group Cyber Liability Policy Preface This post discusses the insurance policy listed below. There are more than several cyber insurance policies available these days, but there is no real literature about them.  There are one or two pieces in law...

Executive E&O Insurance Policy

Dewey Law Firm's policy On December 28, 2012, a blog that was entirely hypothesis, conjecture, and guesswork about what the specialized executive business liability policy for Dewey-LaBoeuf, would "look like,” indicated that I would try to be a bit more detailed...

Creations and Insertions into Existing Contracts Part II

In my last post on insurance law, I discussed the idea that it is not possible to create formerly non-existing clauses or coverages in an already existing policy, i.e., insurance contracts.  I wrote on only what is all, or virtually all, the problem, namely, when the...

Insurance law falls into three major categories. First, the insurance company will hire lawyers to represent the insured in case they are sued for something related to their insurance contract. These are known as “insurance defense attorneys.” The second category of insurance law helps insured people determine when an insurance company must pay a claim. Third, insurance companies typically hire attorneys to make sure the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations, which can vary by state.

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