A “No Thank You” Email
Michael Sean Quinn*

I friend of me uses various versions of this form-ish letter. I rather like it. Another friend of ours didn’t like it much. I guess that is what being controversial means.


I am deeply honored that you would consider hiring me to represent you in such an important case as this one. However, legal malpractice suits are usually handled on contingency fees. I no longer take many contingency fee cases. I usually charge an hourly fee.  This is especially true in legal malpractice cases which are difficult to win, often lengthy in time, and almost always expensive. 

Although my fees are quite low in comparison with the market, I require a rolling retainer, prompt payment, and the client paying the expenses as they are incurred, though perhaps through the existing retainer. It must be agreed that if I am not paid in accordance with the attorney-client contract, I have a right to withdraw immediately, at least under most circumstances. 

Litigation for a real person (as opposed to corporate-type entity) is often seen as a contest for the wealthy, and there is often truth in this idea. It is also seen as a a “game” by people. Often, individuals should think twice or more times about entering a lawsuit unless they  can live easily with sustained, anxiety-producing stress. Many people find this torturous, while others love it. It is important to keep in mind that often lawsuits take a long time. 

Those for whom anxiety, depression, rage, depression, or headaches, are often not cut out for litigation, and they need to keep in mind that the possibility of achieving a degree of  justice is not always worth the internal price. Often it is better for many people to sustain losses than to subject themselves to litigation. Justice is expensive.  

Potential clients also need to compare and contrast  factors. (1) The amounts of money at stake. (2) The amount likely to be recovered. (3) The probability of success. (4) The size of the fees. (5) Whether you have any fault in the matter or can be made to appear to have fault. 

Nevertheless, I am willing discuss with you for a couple of hours to analyze the case and share with you my impressions. This conference would be $[XYZ.00] per hour so long as it is clear that I am not agreeing to go forward after that. 

Variations on this type of letter can be made to apply to a large number of different types of cases.

Not proof read. 

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