Comments:  This blog might be called  “Quinn’s Eleven Commandments”; It includes some comments.  some comments. The reader should remember that this list and to some extent the comments are intended to be simplistic, but quick and helpful guides.  Occasionally, I have had these at CLE conferences.  Every once in a while, I am told that lawyers have pinned them up to their walls. Obviously, I am greatly complimented. Of course, I am not suggesting that some really need to do something like this. Most of you will know all of the “Commandments,” and many of the comments.  Perhaps the comment on the section will come as a little bit of a surprise.

I.   You are the client’s fiduciary. Study its meaning. Two features: (1) Q: Whose interests come first, for example? A: Clients! = “uberrima fides.” (2) Q. How    important is the client? A. Maximally!

II. Do not gouge the client(s)—even a little bit.

III. Do not lie (with one puzzling exception, maybe).

IV. Perform well promptly. (Two commandments in one.)

V. Serve vigorously but silently, Speak completely with clients, sometimes
“insistently,” and argumentatively. Do not hold your peace. Never just tell the client what s/he wants to hear.

VI. Don’t do the crime, at all, ever. Resist the temptation of any sort.

VII. Avoid unnecessary duels. Always advise client: the unnecessary is almost always irrational.

VIII. Invariably exhibit civility. It can always be part of vigor—indeed, an impressive and powerful component. Besides, lawyer honor demands it. It costs nothing.

IX. No dirty clashes! No cheating! C-IX is true even if few actions bring more pleasure than bedeviling the devil.) Vigor does not demand dirt.

X. Get needed help timely on individual problems (legal and otherwise). If prep precedes, no adverse impression. No shame here.

XI. Embrace, receive, respond, and provide appropriate help, i.e., systematic general help, without hesitation., where possible. Systematic intelligent, restrained pursuit is advisable. Get more than one mentor=pass the load.

This list will be repeated in another blog with short commentaries on the Commandments.