Sean Quinn*
            One Warren Dale Watson, 52, raped
and murdered Claudia Miller, 66, on March 5, 2015 in her office in Colorado. She
was a family law attorney, and he—on parole from imprisonment for a number of
different felonies—had been looking for a divorce lawyer to murder.
            He was to meet her at her office in
the late afternoon, but phoned her and said he was running late. He was late enough
for others to have left the office. Her body was found by the nighttime
cleaning crew.
            The offenses of which he had been
previously convicted apparently include burglary, forgery, theft and
escape.  None of this is a predictor of
rape, much less murder.  No explanation has
been provided in the press as to why he was deliberately looking for such a
lawyer as Ms. Miller.  
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