Young Lawyer Murdered: A Twisted Tale With a Twist

Part III

Michael Sean Quinn (See below)

I have written about this incident twice earlier this year: April 14, 2015 and April 29, 2015. 

The theories of the police as to  how the David Messerschmitt murder happened turned out to be correct. The actual woman-girl stabber has pleaded guilty to second degree murder while armed to avoid an accusation and trial of first degree murder and now has a shorter sentence hanging over her head. The other girl-woman has pleaded to conspiracy. 
The actual murderess claims that she saw an ad of David’s on Craig’s List, pretended to be a man, answered the ad, and made arrangements for a meeting.  She said she intended to rob David. 

She also says that David grabbed her at one point and that this reminded her of an earlier occasion when she was assaulted (perhaps in a more serious sense) so she took out her knife and stabbed poor David to death. 

Apparently she is seeking a lighter sentence than she might otherwise get.  Let’s see; how does it go? “I was in the process of robbing David, but he put his hands on me, thereby reminding me of when I was raped. I was outraged, of course, so I defended myself by stabbing him, for real, as any self-respecting young woman might do.” 

The robbery was preceded by a fraud, but never mind. 

The actual killer (21 years old) got 24 years, while the younger accomplice (19 years old) got 12 months with 6 month suspended and 3 years probation.  Lesson? Justice? Maybe not. Try: Always be the accomplice and always be younger than the “perp.”  Do not wield the knife (or pistol) yourself. (Added August 24, 2015)

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