Michael Sean Quinn*

Don’t get me wrong. I am a great and faithful friend and customer of WestLaw and WestLawNext: Invariably helpful, creative, and even learned. 

However. the company WestLaw belongs to Thompson Reuters, and it has another service division, FindLaw. 

It sold me and started to manage for me a new website. The services I received from it were deplorable. The website choices were all standardized and mass produced, so I was told. Then the succession of people who set up what was to be a treasure tripped and stumbled, and the woman who was to manage the insertions of the writing, well, I wonder if she could actually read. 

In any case, I am so upset that, unlike my former commercial conviviality and affability, I angrily refused to pay further. 

This miserable relationship has actually transformed me. I have decided to take no more shit from condescending, disdainful, mixed-up and incompetent (or even close to “moron” merchants).  Enough is enough. 

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