Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D., J.D. C.P.C.U., Etc.

A fair number of large businesses (aka corporations) are objecting in various ways to election alterations in various states. The degree of opposition varies. 

The following is Quinn’s Model of some new laws or proposed election laws.  “No political party that has any candidate running in a current election shall serve water to voters standing in line to vote, if the position of the voter in the line waiting to vote is within X number of feet within the door to the voting place.”

Texas has laws like this pending. 

The Business Section of the Tuesday, April 13, 2021, NYT is headlined “BIG LAW JOINS FIGHT TO PROTECT VOTING RIGHTS.”  Interestingly, no large Texas law firm is mentioned in the article.

Perhaps this is because no large Texas companies, including newly imported ones, seem to be part of the protestorial set, at least not yet. 

One wonders what life would be like in a V&E-type firm if it followed the example of Skadden, and some others, like Cravath. I guess it’s hard to imagine American Airlines following Coca-Cola, but it’s not hard to see Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Tesla, and Boring doing this. What then?