Charles Fowles and the Mixed Claims Commission
Part XI.C
Sean Quinn*
(*See Below
for Further Information)
factual information on the Fowles, see
Lusitania, Probate Law, the
Who-Died-First Question–Part VIII.A
and parts VB-G. For a bit about MCC methodological
information see Part XI.A. For another decision see Part XI.B, “Vanderbilt and the Mixed Claims Commission.”
this case, MCC “Docket # 93, Charles and Frances Fowles,”no claim was made for
personal property belonging to Charles, and #10,000 was awarded to the U.S.
Government in conjunction with the claimant “Gladys Mary Baylies,” “with
interest thereon at the rate of five per cent per annum from November 1, 1923.”
claim was made on the basis of the death of Frances. She had no children.
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