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A prominent 20+year lawyer (L) in Florida recently found himself very short of money. He and a Florida woman (W), the US Attorney charges agreed to launder money. It was a sting. FBI agents invited them to launder money form them supposedly from gambling, drug deals, and from the sale of counterfeited Viagra. 

It is not yet clear how to allocate the money to be laundered or how to allocate the fees to be paid the culprits.    L “resigned” from his firm, and the firm expressed for everyone involved, e.g., his family, though not for him.  

I confess I am curious about laundering money from a fake/phony black market Viagra business.  The stuff is not that hard to get.  The “mechanics” of the business involved checks drawn on an account of the woman’s business: Mohr2GoGifts. The press has not described L’s relationship with W. 

In any case, if you are a lawyer in need, you might want to pass on this crime, of course, among many others. It will involve doing time of course, but the national laughing will also hurt.

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