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A New York personal injury (and maybe probate) litigator who lived in Fairfield Connecticut had spent his off duty time beating and stabbing members of his family. Some of the beatings were done with a baseball bat, apparently. At least some of these injuries were quite severe. L’s then wife is still in critical condition in a local hospital. 

The police were called and came quickly. They found L with one of his sons in the front yard. Dad has a weapon of some sort, and son had the bat. (Son later said he took the bat away from his dad, L.)

As L advanced upon the police shot by at least one of the policemen. All this happened in the early morning–sometime around 6AM. L died a bit later from gunshot wounds. 

Many lawyers will be tempted by the hypothesis that at least one characteristic of L’s law practice was at least one of the factors causing this ugly incident. What that proves is that not all temptations are bad, and not all epistemological temptations are false or lead to “the false.” 

From the moral point of view–a completely different division of philosophy–many lawyers will also wonder if L didn’t get what he deserved. A tempting thought, to say the least. 

Then, of course, there are the issues of legal and constitutional rights. I’ll leave those to someone else who is less outraged than I. 

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