Insurers and their policyholders often need an expert witness to describe, explain and evaluate insurance company performance. Clients of lawyers and lawyers need the same thing.

Michael Sean Quinn, PhD, JD, CPCU, etc. represents clients in a range of legal practice areas, including:


Insurance Coverage: Dealing with possibly insured losses, past, present & future.

Insurance Bad Faith: What’s the legal quality of an insurer’s work, and what can be done?

Legal Problems in Cyber Space: Dealing with problems in the new Cyber, Digital World.

Cyber Insurance: Dealing with “New World” possibly insured losses.


Lawyer Performance: What’s the legal and ethical quality of a lawyer’s actions and omissions, and what can be done? Consultation and Counsel with lawyers and law firms.


Mediation: is a process by which disputes can be resolved —often by settlement. Often there are existing lawsuits, but there need not be. Mediation’s purpose is to make a way forward when parties cannot come to an agreement by themselves.

General Practice: Therapeutic Jurisprudence and more.


Attorney Michael Sean Quinn has an extraordinary level of education and experience. He has practiced law for more than 40 years, he has significant level certifications and licenses available in the insurance industry, he has written on and taught various legal and other relevant topics at universities and law schools, and has spent many years at courthouses. This is a tremendous benefit for those looking for a disinterested expert witness for litigation.