*Michael Sean Quinn

L represented C. The case was less than perfect. L therefore decided to “impeach” opposing counsel We’ll call him “OpL” 

L knew that OpL was a drinker and knew where he often imbibed. Perhaps he also knew that OpL had a weakness for at least flirtation.  L dispatched one of his voluptuous and–shall we say– unconstrained paralegal (“She”) to show up and at least appear seductive. 

The game was–as they say, “on”–and She found him at the bar, sat down with him, drank with him, suggested that the game should continue, and dispatched him to move her car, since it was getting late.

The problem was that OpL was at least slightly tipsy. For his part, L had arranged for an actual law enforcement official to be in waiting and OpL was arrested for drunk driving.  

Aggressive? No doubt. Zealous? Surely. Clever? Appears so. Prudent? No. Within Lawyerly ethical  limits? Obviously not!

L has been disbarred. And had to pay costs ($14,000+) Crime? Probably but unknown as yet. She? Answer in Form of Question: Would you hire her?

Enjoyable and comical story that bring pleasure to the reader? I don’t find it so, even though L got what he deserved. Why? Tragedy or at least unnecessary and inappropriate injury and hurt to too many people. Demeaning to a profession about which there is, and always has been, at least deep skepticism anyway.   

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