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CyberInsurance Coverage for Administrative Law, Overseas Biz Tax Problems

Some corporations are currently trying to move out of U.S. tax liability. Some corporations are already international “Big Time. International biz can lead to a whole array of different tax problems in a whole lot of different countries. Google is...

Insurance Coverage Litigation: A Few Deposition Questions

INSURANCE COVERAGE LITIGATION:  A FEW DEPOSITION QUESTIONS Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D, J.D., C.P.C.U., Etc. 2112 Hartford Rd Austin, Texas 78703 (O & C) 512-656-9759 (Resumes at Insurance bad faith cases...

Tacky Tactics in Insurance Defense Litigation

Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D, J.D., C.P.C.U., Etc. 2630 Exposition Blvd  #115 Austin, Texas 78703 (o) 512-296-2594 (c) 512-656-9759 (Resumes at Coen v. Aptean, et al (Ga. Dist Ct., 12A42185-6)...

Weighty Insurance Claim Paid in Coins and Pounds

Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D, J.D., C.P.C.U., Etc. 2630 Exposition Blvd  #115 Austin, Texas 78703 (o) 512-296-2594 (c) 512-656-9759 (Resumes found at One hears about insurance companies paying claims in buckets of coins,...

AlanGreenspan, Insurance Importance, & “Stinking” Economics,

Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D, J.D., C.P.C.U., Etc.              Law Offices of Quinn & Quinn              2630 Exposition Blvd #115              Austin, Texas...

Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Insurance Brokers, Lawyers Suing or Defending Insurance Intermediaries

Sometimes a lawyer representing an insured needs to sue the agent broker-intermediary. This is particularly true if the carrier is denying coverage, and it looks like the middle person has the wrong policies. Intermediaries often articulate a rigid view as to whom the...


Insurance agents are sometimes called "retail agents." They sell contracts of insurance (insurance policies) directly to the public. Insurance brokers are sometimes called "wholesale brokers," but they are also often insurance agents for larger companies.  This is a...

Insurance Policies: “Cyber Space” Insurance

Some Significant & Representative Cyber Insurance Cases First Period  Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D, J.D., Etc. 1300 West Lynn #208 Austin, Texas 78703 (o) 512-296-2594 (c) 512-656-9759 There are not very many reported cyber insurance...

Insurance law falls into three major categories. First, the insurance company will hire lawyers to represent the insured in case they are sued for something related to their insurance contract. These are known as “insurance defense attorneys.” The second category of insurance law helps insured people determine when an insurance company must pay a claim. Third, insurance companies typically hire attorneys to make sure the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations, which can vary by state.

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