I have published several pieces regarding the story of the diagonally trapped ship stuck in the Suez Canal beginning on March 29, 2021, and then for six more days at the cost of several billion dollars and shipping and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. 

On Sunday, July 18, 2021, the New York Times (A-8) published a substantial piece about the incident and the controversy that immediately followed.  Alas, it did not explicitly discuss the insurance aspects of the story.  However, the article is accompanied by marvelous photographs that give the best pictures yet of the position of the ship. One of the photos is a close-in areal pic. Another gives one a good sense as to how long the diagonal of the ship was when it touched both banks.

The article is so good I wish I could reprint it. Alas, the paper hasn’t agreed to let me.  Readers have Vivian Yee and James Glanz to thank for the new information. Their piece is worth reading.