Michael Sean Quinn*

Q. Given that you have called at least one woman a “fat pig” and described other women by insulting epithets, why should you of all people be elected President of the USA? Do you really have the right temperament for the job. 

[Ignoring all objections.]

A. I’m not sure what you mean by temperament, but otherwise the answer is “Yes.” One of the things this country needs to be great again, among many other things, is blunt discourse. Some people are well overweight and not not dine without good manners–very unattractive. Moreover, it is unhealthy for them and doesn’t do the culture much good either.  There hasn’t been a really fat president since either Taft or Hughes, take you pick.[**] Some people are not beautiful, unlike your feckless self. Many say I am not handsome and make fun of my hair. As a people we need to stand up straight and tell it like it is. Getting sacked from HP for reckless decision-making and incompetence does not make you a viable candidate for the most senior of all executive positions. 

Objection: Non responsive. [This does not sound sustainable to me, given the question, even if that answer is considered imprudent politically speaking. But remember, Donald is an adventuresome rule-breaker.]

[In addition, what do you suppose “temperament” is anyway?]

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Dashed off and so neither proofed nor proven. 

**Of course, Hughes was not actually elected president, but errors abound in politics.