Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D., J.D.

Memo to Besieged Debtors

If a creditor unjustly badgers you, consider complaining to it directly, just as it complains to you. 

The chances are it has fouled something up. Don’t give up.  If you have a just complaint, keep after it. 

Threaten to sue for defamation, if the creditor “reports” you to a credit rating bureau. Even consider threatening suing the creditor if they sell it to a collection business entity. That will also involve defamation.

Bad mouth the creditor by any and all means you can think of. BETTER TO “BAD MOUTH WITH A CLEAN MOUTH.” Nastiness will not get you much of anywhere. Debt collectors–most of them, anyway–are trained to sound civil. 

Look for cooperative groups to oppose and maybe go after unfit, incompetent, and/or dishonest creditors. 

Also report creditor misconduct to all the governmental agencies you can think of. 

These tid bits apply to mortgages as well as to other debts. 

Don’t try any of this, unless you think you have just cause.  Litigation is expensive, and most lawyers won’t do this sort of work without advance fees.  Then consider representing yourself if the debt is small.  Don’t be afraid of losing; if you do, you do.  It won’t be the end of the world. 

*Michael Sean Quinn, Ph.D, J.D., Etc.