The recreational cannabis industry is now huge. Growth is growing; logistical consulting companies are replacing hippies as advisors on transport; jokes about greenhouse gasses are aplenty; government subsidization is being discussed among “ag-lobbying” business developers; federal law enforcement doesn’t really know what to do.  

New York state has also apparently legalized reactional consumption. Texas is far behind, but there are those who believe that the vacation trips of some Texas politicians to cannabis country indicate their inclinations. 

Surplus insurance markets are going to attract substantial premiums, but this may be problematic since they do a good deal of business across state lines. Also, some of these “progressive” companies are located in states that have not yet legalized consumption for having fun. Ohio seems to be like this but the press reports (or carries ads to the effect) that “l821 Insurance” and “Continental Heritage Insurance Company” are located there. 

Of course, no state needs to legally prohibit local insurance agents, surplus lines wholesalers or MGAs from selling cannabis coverage whilst stoned.

Of course, the principal types of insurance will be commercial auto, CGL, inland marine, D&O. Of course, there will be D&O but I am not sure how some of these policies will work where weed is being hauled across state lines.